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We work with third parties that collect identifiers and Internet network activity information from our services for the purpose of showing ads on other sites and services. We may also share your email address with advertising partners to help deliver ads to you. These activities may be considered "sales," "sharing," or "targeted advertising" under US privacy laws. You may opt out of having your personal information disclosed for these purposes by submitting your email address and clicking "Submit Request." If you only want to opt out of the use of cookies for these purposes, select the "Cookies Preferences" button below and disable "Advertising Cookies" , or visit our website with an opt-out preference signal enabled, such as the Global Privacy Control (GPC). Note that requests to opt out of cookie-based sharing (whether through the Submit Request button or Cookie Preferences) are unique to the browser and website you are using, so you will need to manage these controls separately from different browsers/devices and while on other of our websites.

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